Land Here

Are you trying to find yourself after suffering a loss? 

If you are, then you landed on the perfect spot.

Let me tell you why… 

You absolutely must work to recover yourself after suffering a loss.
Of course, this process is different for everybody.

Me after my divorce?
I cried. I slept. I prayed. I watched lots of foreign movies. I pampered. I partied.
Unfortunately in this “recovery mode”, I thought I was discovering myself.
I thought I was creating a new and different me.
But I actually was perpetuating the me who experienced loss.
That broken and bruised woman…
And I was getting it all wrong.

Some women who’ve suffered some type of loss stay in that mode.
And that might be ok for some of us.
But for the rest of us, we wonder when do we really get better?

We get better when we discover exactly who we want to be.

(Now you’re onto something. But wait there’s more…)  

We get lots better when we actually are her and talk like her and act like her and live like her.

Hi I’m Zoe Brown and I’ve got something to share with women who want to recover who they are after that bomb blew up their world!

I’ve been in the field of learning and development for over 20 years. I’ve been a trainer, group facilitator, training manager, and instructional designer. While my career has been very satisfying and aligned with who I am, it’s not my purpose.

Actually my purpose is to show women how to be exactly who they want to be.

I came to this after I mourned the end of my 2nd marriage and the loss of my dream job. In January 2012, GoneGirlGo was born and the year long process of pushing it forward has totally revamped my life.

Initially, I thought GoneGirlGo was a platform to help women execute ideas. I blogged a lot about that in 2012. But it turns out that GoneGirlGo is something way more than that and it’s evolving into something that I never imagined.

GoneGirlGo is a movement that compels women who have suffered loss to recover who they are so that they can discover exactly who they want to be.

So you can stop holding yourself back.

Don’t you think it’s time?

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